Audio Drama Blog – Yujie Zou

Pre- Production Week Two (22/2/2021-4/3/2021) 25/2 We talked about our recording day, 5th March, and we really need to contact our writter, Hattie. Therefor Gemma sent a email to her and arranged a meeting with her at 12am on 3th March. 2/3 …


Pre-production (week1-week4) At the beginning of the session, we analyzed the sound effects of the first chapter of the radio play The Cipher, The parallex, and recorded an audio clip of our own.  Through the hands-on approach, I got an…

Kareem Elshehawy

Production Week 1  The team and I had our first production meeting today. It was great  to finally put a picture to my teammates voices and know them on a more personal level. We discussed the script, and we all…

Sahara Dennis

Pre-production Week One 22/01/21: In week one, we were introduced to Audio drama and discussed the different types of sound or components  that play a part within the production of an audio piece. For example: Acoustic, silence, tone, voices, characters,…

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