Alex Jones- Music Radio



Thursday 4th October 2018

  • Looked into what station we wanted to work on and what music radio actually is.
  • What makes a playlist and how different stations do their playlists


Thursday 11th October 2018

  • Put into groups and decided on Jazz FM
  • Sorted into different roles and what each person is doing in the group


Friday 12th October 2018

  • Started working on individual roles
  • Attempted to work on clock and how the show will run


Thursday 18th October 2018

  • Worked on clocks and what each our will contain
  • Different songs, worked with head of music


Friday 19th October 2018

  • Myriad training
  • How to use the play out system and how to upload songs to Myriad
  • How we can use the system in our music radio projects


Thursday 25th October 2018

  • Worked on ads and branding
  • Practiced on different station and what makes a station using branding
  • What ads suit what station and how we can use this for Jazz FM


Friday 26th October 2018

  • Worked on the plan for social media, created accounts on instagram and twitter
  • Thought about station branding and how we want our Jazz FM to sound

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