~ 2nd of March – 16th of March ~

2nd March

Today I finalised on the time for the actors read-through and informed the crew via WhatsApp. After the meeting with Simon, Hannah informed us of the times we should access Blackboard for Fridays recording and the places in which all crew members should be in for the recording.

3rd March

Today I had a listen of Hannahs background sounds for scene 1 and asked Hannah to find some more specific ones that I wanted in that scene. Hannah and I started on a Zoom just before our meeting with Hattie to organise what specific questions we wanted to answer. As this was my first time working with a writer, I found it quite challenging to understand who had the the final say in the relation to artistic choices in the audio drama because in my course, most of the time the writer was the director. I put Hattie as less of a writer and more of a co-director during the pre-production process however through chatting with her, I understood the positions a bit better. Through the quick chat, she gave us the creative freedom to experiment with the different sounds for the piece. We also got an understanding of who was behind the noise of the monster and myself and Hannah later brainstormed on the the mix of sounds we could use to get that type of effect. At 5:30, we then had a Zoom with the cast and did a simple script reading but before we did this, we had a quick discussion on their interpretation of the text as well as mine to understand the type of characters they were going to portray for the Friday session. I then sent them the schedule as well as to the group and Hannah informed them of the set up for tomorrow via email.

4th March

We added Jeremy to the group chat for Friday. I sent the schedule to Jeremy.

5th March

Our group came into the BlackBoard session for Dancing in Kabul. We saw the technical difficulties that happened for their group and tried to make ourselves ready to ensure no mishaps. At the start I made sure that the actors had their individual props for sound and then started off on the first scene. I made sure to read through the WhatsApp during the session to use Jeremy’s pointers. There Was one part in the script where they needed to sing and due to the sound delays they were sometimes off beat however we were able to solve that by giving each actor an individual line. We also had a problem with the screams but were able to solve that through Simons help. At the end we had a bit of mishaps with the connections of some individuals however we were able to fix that towards the end and did two takes of scene 5 and 6 for the final recording. After, Hannah asked for a production meeting.

9th March

Today I asked Hannah if we would be able to meet to review the sound and also asked her to start cutting the audio.

10th March

Hannah and I scheduled a meeting to talk about the sounds. In this session we finalised the best takes and I went through the additional sounds of scene 1 to Hannah again. We talked about the process of creating the piece and Hannah said that she would start working on the editing of scenes 1 to 2 for Friday.

11th March

We just got informed of Jakes departure to the group so Hannah Eve and I talked about the management of the role and what to do.

12th March

Today we had a meeting with Jeremy and was informed with the deadlines for the project. We also decided on myself being the VoiceOver for the start and end of the audio drama piece. I also asked to keep me in the loop during the editing process. I also was informed to contact Simon for the last part of the recording.

16th March

Hannah updated us on the editing process. I reviewed the takes for scene 5 to 6.


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