Audio Drama Blog2-Yumeng Zhu

Pre- Production (3/3/2021-3/11/2012)

Then we went into casting. After listening to the works of Josh and Danny, we chose Josh for Theo and Danny for Richart after discussion.

On March 5, in order to better complete our work, we communicated with the actors and the writer, mainly focusing on the emotional treatment and details of the script.

At the same time, team 1 and team 2 have entered the recording stage. I want to be familiar with the specific operation, so I went to blackboard to watch their recording process and have a general understanding of the recording.

I used PS to make a poster of chicken and ketchup according to the plot and the atmosphere of the script. The poster is dark on the whole, showing Richard’s dark inner world in the script. At the same time, there are two men’s side faces, and the fuzzy side represents the real non-existent Theo

On March 8, Jeremy replied to my question about sound effects. This question is about the sound effect of footsteps in the script. He suggested that we should match Richard’s voice and footsteps in the post-production process, and pay attention to Richard’s feeling of moving in the recording process.

On March 10th, Sahara completed the recording schedule.

On March 11, we had a preview and script discussion with Danny and Josh at zoom and zencastr.

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