Week 1 – 27/01/2020

In this first official week of starting Audio Drama we were sent over 8 different audio scripts from Jeremy to read through ready for class.

We each took it in turns as a group to read through a short part of each scripts to get an idea of the different audio drama’s

We were then randomly split into groups where we then as a group picked which roles we wanted to do. We then made a decision and the people in my group doing each role are as follows.

Connor – Director

Charity – Producer

Studio Manager – Me

Alex Irons – Script Editor

We also then as a group choose our top three audio drama’s we wanted to do and then went back into class – We got given the the one we wanted to do as a group which was great.

Week 2 – 07/02/2020

This week we as a class started messing around in the production studio’s and read out a few audio drama scripts with a couple of us acting each time and then a few people in the studio’s communicating with the rest of us and recording it each run through.

We then split into our groups and did this individually where a couple people would act whilst someone was directing and myself as the studio manager to give us a better idea of what it will be like recording for the main run through.

Week 3 – 14/02/2020

I wasn’t well this week so i didn’t end up coming into class – I heard from my team that we were mostly practicing the recording again in the studio with each of us acting through our own scripts within each group. I shall endevour to be back in class next week so that i’m completely up to date on what’s going on.

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