After we have finished our recording, we start to edit the audio. During this phase, our studio manager – Marlyse did most of the work, including cutting songs and trimming the audio files. Other group members and I prepared for the music material and any searchings needed to support Marlyse. I found it effective to use WhatsApp or WeChat ( a Chinese version of Twitter or Facebook) as internal communication tools. As I am currently in China, I cannot login to my WhatsApp account without VPN. Therefore, if I missed any meeting on WhatApp if the VPN was not working, I can always get in touch with Jessie on WeChat to get updated.

Also, for the time difference between China and the United Kingdom, I cannot reply messages in time. However, by checking WhatsApp and google drive we set for the project, it won’t take long for me to digest the information and to catch up. Moreover, it is easier for me to leave messages if my group members cannot reply in time.

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