Talk Radio

09/03/17 I am in group c, along with Lucy, Abbi, Clare, Simon, Eliza, Matt and Molly. We have sorted out our roles and have made a Google Drive folder we can all work in. I am the outside broadcast presenter…

Bernice Goff-Collings

Heathrow expansion for a third runway was given the green light this year. It’s been decades of waiting for a decision, however, the decision could still change with future governments. Longford is a town situated next to Heathrow Airport and…

Bernice Goff-Collings

Monday 14th November 2016 Today the ads team began voicing the scripts that we have written. After making the first ad for Lemsip (edited by Abbi), we were confident about the rest of the ads. Voiceovers were done for a…

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