Is The Church Still Relevant Today?

  Cue: With less than 2% of people in the UK attending Church on a Sunday morning, it begs the question; is the Church still relevant today, and does it share most people’s view in England on the issues in…

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CUE: 20 years on from the ground breaking original, Danny Boyle has finally released the sequel to Trainspotting, starring Ewan McGregor. Stood in the lobby of Vue cinema in Harrow; Joe Hockley spoke to film- goers to gather their thoughts….

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Joe Hockley Interview and Conversation

Shakespeare Conversation Writer and Interviewer: Joe Hockley Date: 22/11/16 Time: 21:00 Duration: 2:28 In words: ‘I think my favourite genre of Shakespeare is the tragedies’ Out words: ‘Because a fairy just mixed everything up’ 400 years since William Shakespeare’s death,…

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