Joe Pilbrow

Formative Blog Post Confessions of a Sociopath is an autobiographical piece written under a pseudonym documenting and describing the life of a high-functioning, non criminal sociopath. This incredibly honest account following a ‘very high on the spectrum’ individual draws out…

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The Teenage Of Vanity?

Cue: You hear it all the time. Claims that young people are self obsessed, vain and narcissistic with social media being pointed at as the culprit; but surely its not a new thing to be vain. Joe Pilbrow investigates vanity…

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Joe Pilbrow – Music Radio (Week 1-5)

Production Week One The first week of planning involved organising roles and distributing tasks as well constructing the basics of our station sound and aims. ‘Britpop’ does what it says on the tin; exploring and reminiscing over the genre and…

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