Blog 1 – 29/01/2018

Today, we decided we are making our pop up station about gaming. In the afternoon we decided what roles we wanted. I thought the ways we allocated roles was fair and organised. I went for news presenter because I wanted to present, however, I feel like to present I would have needed some knowledge of gaming. Whereas picking to be the news presenter, I can pre-record features and learn about specific gaming topics before recording.

Blog 2 – 05/02/2018

Today, we started working in the different groups. The news team (myself and Clare) sat with the talk show group as during their show we will have a ‘Newsbeat’ style segment. It is important that we don’t do the same features on the talk show as that would be repetitive. I have begun thinking of topic ideas based on the topic of the whole talk show. The final topics for the talk show is: gaming culture being normalised, women in gaming, gaming addiction, and virtual reality. I have been planning some feature ideas (for example are virtual reality arcades the future?). Clare also game up with a good idea for a topic based on an article that said people who play Sims are happier and healthier, which would be good for the gaming addiction topic.

Blog 3 – 12/02/2018

This week I have contacted a number of people. I contacted people to try and get the script for the advert voiced. I had a few replies, one said he was unavailable. One said she would pass on the message to other people she knows that would be willing to voice the advert unpaid. I also had a reply which was very rude. However, in the situation when someone does reply in that way, it is important to act professionally and stay calm, even if you are feeling overwhelmed by a harsh response. I have contacted a number of people for the news packages for the talk show. For the virtual reality show, I have had a positive response and have replied to arrange an interview next week. If I have had no other responses by Monday, I will try my best to get in touch with people. I have also been looking at gaming news online to understand more about gaming and how I can get it across in news reporting.

Blog 4 – 19/02/2018

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