Bernice Goff-Collings

Blog 1 – 02/02/2018

We were organised into groups today and then as a group, we decided the play we wanted to do and named ourselves Fantastic 4 + 1.

The following team and roles are:

Bernice Goff-Collings Studio Manager
Lucy Lavery Director
Matt Toulson Producer
Stephanie Kamale Script Editor
Zineb Sekkat Production Coordinator

I made a Google Drive and Facebook chat for all of us so we can easily communicate. I have put essential documents in the drive (such as the script and team details) and I have that we all read the script religiously to ensure we understand the story, and to also make any notes of changes we would like to make. The aim is to meet as a group and discuss any changes with the script editor.

Blog 2 – 09/02/2018

My group spent today going through the script and deciding what changes we would like to make. The script editor will be contacting the writer with the changes we would like to make and hoping they will have a positive response. I also added some important documents into our Google Drive folders such as a pre-production and post-production to do list and forms that need to be filled out during this project.

Blog 3 – 16/02/2018

Today, we went to the studio and worked on the microphone set-ups for different scenes. I found this very useful as it will be the studio I will use when we record for real, and I have not used that studio much before. For our script, we worked on the scenes where the 2 girls are in the car and also the scene where they murder Jack. With the car scene, this session gave us a good idea of which microphones we would like to use for the car scene and also how we want to go about the sounds for the murder scene.

Blog 4 – 23/02/2018

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