Blog 2 – My contributions

Over the past week I have completed the making of my first advert and contributing additional ideas for features and competitions for the show. Before completing the pilot show I constructed the second hour of the clock s well as writing the running order. The clock I then ran on Tuesday before the pilot on Friday to make sure it ran smoothly and no errors occurred. I uploaded adverts, branding, competition hot keys and the news on Friday morning.

The pilot show ran successfully in my view. Obviously there is always places to improve but I took away a lot of feedback to help us improve. Mostly for the coming pilot I am going to focus on the way the music is scheduled to ensure that there isn’t too many male voices dominating the show. I’m also going to work alongside Joe to practice speaking up to the vocal on songs. We are also going to work on putting in on songs where the songs are going to fade out so that I can implement fluent segues between 2 songs. Hopefully, the second pilot stream goes as smoothly!

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