Blog 3 – My contributions

In the build up to the show it was crazy busy. Myself and Joe were up finalising the running order and drafting links till half 10. The day before the show! I also had another ad to make which was based on Duracell. Eventually i produced the advert and uploaded the final adverts and dry idents to the system.

Overall, the show was very successful and enjoyed carrying out my role. I felt i took leadership to ensure everyone was doing there role and doing mine. Without me i feel nobody would’ve stepped up and completed the workload i did. Some members of the group were less bothered about throwing themselves into the task which was a shame overall but i felt we completed the show well.

Listening back to the show a few days prior it sounds like something that id listen to on the radio and i take positives for this task. The show is very good to listen to and i feel we executed a radio show to a good standard based on the group number and time life! I very much enjoyed being in the studio making sure songs segued together well. I put idents in the running order that i felt essential to make the music flow well. I also had to keep track of timings on the day adding more songs/longer links to make the show run exactly to the hour

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