The previous week, I was updating the website including features (articles, information about the competition terms and conditions and checking that all quizzes work well), website playlist (people can find the songs list that will be played during the fashion show on the website) and I uploaded my classmate’s audio pieces (podcast episodes, interviews…). Besides, I have been helping Lauren to write the script for the Top 5 package that she releases on her ‘chatz’ show in which I participate. Additionally, I have been working on writing the specific questions for Devo’s interview (the main contributor for the entertainment show).

PRODUCTION WEEK 4 (1ST PILOT) – 22nd February (2021):

This is the week we realised our first pilot (February 22). Before starting the radio show, between 10 am to 12 pm I verified that the button ‘Listen now’ worked well to listen to the complete show. In addition, I checked that all the fashion articles were well written (although I have to finish one of them).

On the other hand, I proven that the songs that my classmates were going to play during the two-hours show were the correct ones for the website’s playlist (however, minutes before the show, Marlyse and Charlie decided to change some songs, so I had to update the new songs on the website after the pilot). Additionally, I published the first podcast episode produced by Hannah and Paola and verified that people could listen to it perfectly.

Our show started from 13pm to 15pm. During the whole show, we had some technical issues that we need to improve for the first show (March 1). During this week, with the Simon’s help on Thursday, our team will have a zoom meeting to practice the two-hours show as a second pilot.

During the show, we had some technical problems such as the clocks (we didn’t start at 13:00, we started later so that changed the whole running order). In addition, some ‘stops’ appeared at the first hour of the show (as we are not in a real radio studio, everything is much more difficult to control) and finally, we got some troubles related to audio levels (the same reason than before. We are not in a studio, so we don’t have proper microphones, etc).

In general, we need to practice more with the website which is the virtual platform where we will produce all the shows and get more confident when it comes to audio levels.

After the show, we had a meeting about Matthew and Simon’s feedbacks. Both of them agreed and told us that we have to improve not only the technical problems I mentioned above but also, some changes related to timing and content such as: podcast episode should be longer (maybe 10 minutes more), to add a box pop for the chatz show, to mention the fashion articles during the chatz show (in this case, Paola and I will write a script to create a small package for these articles) and to edit some stuff like beds, censor the harmful language of songs and finally to create or edit a variety of idents for the 5v5 show presented by Charlie and Marlyse.

On the other hand, Matthew congratulated us about the produced content, the website, competition speech and social media stuff. During the real show on 1st of March, everyone has to work in something the whole time. In my case, I will have to upload every song on the main page of the website (Last Songs Played section) as well as I will help Paola with social media in case, she needs me. Besides this, at the weekend (27th and 28th February) everything should be done. I will make sure that before Thursday night all the website stuff is completed including features, schedule, playlist, interviews etc. Further, I am helping Paola with some meme’s pictures for her socials, and I have asked my friends to participate in our competition for some social media content like the lip sync video on TikTok. Finally, I’m meeting Paola to write the script for her small package about the fashion articles this Wednesday which will be played on the chatz show.

Overall, the pilot went well. We were able to identify what could have gone differently and figure out the specific problems in order to improve our show. We have decided that we will check everyone’s stuff on Wednesday at 2pm, in addition, we will produce a ‘second pilot’ on Thursday at 1:30pm to check out all the technical matters and finally we will assist to two zoom meetings on Saturday and Sunday to talk about the entertainment week, which will be the next two-hour show after the fashion one.







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