Production week 1, 2 and 3 (14/02/2021)

The first week we made three presentations on three different topics (Culture & lifestyle in lockdown, Astrology and Y2K generation). The objective was to be able to choose the topic about which our show would revolve around. The latter was chosen and immediately after that we discussed the roles each member was going to play. I chose the role of website and digital producer, assisting Paola, who was the head of social media.

We gave ‘Y2K Reloaded’ as a name for our radio station which is a student pop-up station with Y2K (1995-2005) generation as target. Our mission statement is to reload the best of the millennium in a fun new way over four shows, on air every Monday from the 1st to 22nd March. Each Monday four different topics will be discussed (Fashion, Entertainment, Music and Culture).

As part of my website and digital producer role I had to create the website for the radio station from the scratch, which included: home, schedule, podcasts, playlist, features (competition, quizzes and articles) and about the team areas. In addition, the week’s Spotify playlist and the week’s top five track will be on the main page weekly as well as links to the main social media profiles.

In collaboration with my colleague Hannah (branding producer) we agreed to attribute each of the topics a group of colours, which will be displayed weekly on the show, changing according to the topic. i.e., Fashion will have pink, purple and baby blue as characteristic colours or for the Culture week will have dark blue, red and white.

Besides, Charlie, Hannah, Paola and I decided that there will be a competition section which will have an autograph of the Spice Girls as a prize for the winner. I was in charge of writing the script for the website, including the terms and conditions for the competition. Additionally, I created a frame to promote the autograph.

I also created some content for the fashion, entertainment and culture for the ‘Chatz Show’ presented by my colleague Lauren. i.e., for the fashion show I created content so as to encourage people to dress like millennial celebrities. I also got a guest for the entertainment week: Devorah Cutler (director, producer, writer in the film industry), who will tell us about how it was like working in the film industry at the time. Regarding the culture week I got a guest called Yael Shagar (journalist), who will introduce us into the conspiracy theories typical of those years. She wrote articles like Y2K and the Apocalypse: The Potential for Terrorism. I also thought it could be a good idea to talk about our top 5 historical events of that period such as 9/11 etc.

Finally, in my supporting role for social media branding I contributed creating memes on fashion and entertainment for the social media platforms. Additionally, I created the website promotion cover for the ‘Chatz Show’ with Lauren.






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