Callum Denning

Week One

After deciding on the topic of our pop up station – gaming – we quickly assigned ourselves roles. I will be presenting the music show on the station, Press Play. During production week one, I met with my producer Ellie and assistant producer Ellen. We spent the day going over feature ideas for the show and fleshing them out, as well as building a clock that we’ll be basing our show around, starting from the pilots.

As well as this, we spoke to James and Dan in regards to making some content for the website, with the current idea being to produce a short video clip for each week featuring a top 10 countdown of songs that featured in certain video game series. We also met with the music team to share our ideas on the songs we’d be expecting to hear featured on our show.

The next step really is to start piloting the show and putting our ideas into action and seeing if they work as well as we think they will.

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