Production Week One: 26/10/18 

So far for our project we’ve been put into our groups and have discussed the format of our show. With some discussion we all agreed to do Rock’ N Roll for Gold Radio.

We then decided upon each of the roles we wanted to do, i decided i wanted to work on the adverts and become the studio producer. We all agreed to chip in between the adverts and the production for the show because these are both really big jobs that need to be done.

We’ve now made a start on the production and have done some practice demos of the production with Proffidential who’s our digital presenter and is going to be presenting the starting menu for the show.

I’m hoping to start creating some content next week with our presenter so we can then put a proper schedule together with the production and adverts included.

We’re also hoping to create the clock as part of next weeks tasks…

Production week Three: 09/11/18

This week we’ve made a fair amount of progress with our project. To start with our news reader has got together some news stories we could potentially use and drafted them up. Our editor has also created a running order.

Myself and the editor went for a meeting with our voiceover artist who’s going to record the voiceovers for our adverts so i shall be working strictly with him on these, as I’m in charge of the adverts. I’ve also almost finished creating a script for the 15 adverts we plan to make and once that’s finished I’m going to send the scripts through to our voiceover artist so he can record them. I’m planning to have the majority of these created by next week!




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