Audio Portfolio test

Hello, Aasiya here doing a test. Remember to put a cue in here and insert the audio by copying a link to your Soundcloud/Mixcloud or similar.

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Should Happiness be the Business of the Government? Jonathan Pryke Radio Package – W1610801

Image:   Should the government’s priority be the overall well being of its citizens, or is happiness down to the individual? The ONS well being survey, states that on average the public have rated their life satisfaction at 7.7 out…

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Is the government and schools killing creativity?

(2017-03-06_07-15-54 by Jedimentat44By: Jedimentat44  from flickr creative commons – free to publish – link to license Cuts are being made and schools are facing a lack of funding for subjects. The arts are becoming the least of schools priorities. More and…

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