Music Radio

This week has been very busy trying to get all the ads finished on time. By this point, I have written all six of my ads and have recorded the audio for five of them. I originally had them all…

Jay Dyson – Music Radio (Week 3)

This week was a fairly hectic week for myself and my production group. We had two group meetings this week, in which a multitude of things were cleared up, refined, and reworked. This week I worked with Joe P and…

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Jason Kundi Music Radio Week 3

This week I tweaked some issues around our music policy. Music output on refresh london has now been extended from a minimum of 3/4 months to a rounded 6 months. Any music after that will be struck off the playlist….

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Jay Dyson – Music Radio (Week 2)

Week 2 featured a large leap in the amount of work being produced for our music radio live show, with each member of the team working hard within their respective areas. We had multiple meetings throughout the week in which…

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Danlin Wang

Production Week One Last week, we had two group meetings took place in Monday and Friday. On Monday, we finalised our station name and came up with some advertising categories. Also, specific works are assigned to different roles. On Friday,…

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