Iona Hammond

Written Pitch:   Audio drama(Podcast) –                         3 Episodes   DUR:                                                        6-8 MIns per episode (3 episodes) Narrator/Presenter:                               Dean Smith Producer:                                                Iona Hammond   Short synopsis: The Dogs Trust provide homes for unwanted dogs, help them and then move them into…

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Dan Freeman – ‘Coded Gay’

Written Pitch ‘Coded Gay’ Delivery Date: 12th December 2017 (Release Date – TBC)                Duration:  ~ 20’ 00’’ Presenter(s): Daniel Freeman                                                            Producer: Daniel Freeman   Short Synopsis: A presenter led piece introducing and analysing the frequency and use of ‘coded…

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Tony Basten Individual Audio Project

URL:     Pitch: As the universitys across the country are seeing numbers drop, the university needs a new way to promo itself. And a new way for the student union to reach out to future students with the work…

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