James Larvin

Blog Post One – 10/10/17 For my Digital Entrepreneurship project, I originally decided that I would focus on producing a traditional audio feature of between fifteen to twenty minutes based on the Be-Ro book. The Be-Ro book is a recipe…

Dan Freeman

Blog Post #1 (10/10/2017) The past individual pieces I have created were somewhat heavy pieces, life under a flight and the correlation between sociable teenagers and binge drinking, with this I mind I hope to make something light-hearted for my…

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Tony Basten

Blog Post 6: So it has been a challenging few weeks. Having all my contributors dropping out was the biggest blow i had to this project. I was so dissapointed about it as it was something that i was really…

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Afia Amoateng

It would be typical of me to leave everything to the last minute, but something I promised myself was that I would find a topic that would demand so much of my attention and my interest that I would have…

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Iona Hammond

Blog post 1: 10/10/17   For my Audio piece I have decided to produce an audio walk for the charity Dogs Trust, I looked into the charity and whether they had produced any media or audio and they hadn’t. I…

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Matt Toulson

Blog Post 1: 10/10/17 A few weeks ago, I went to the Imperial War Museum where they had an exhibition on the First World War. It was an interesting exhibit that covered all aspects of the war, but what I…

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Samantha Friend

Blog Post 1 – 10/10/17 For the Digital Entrepreneurship project I have chosen to focus on RAF Apprenticeship schemes. There are camps situated all around the country and each base focus’ on multiple apprenticeship subjects. There are 50 roles that…

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Phoebe Emerson

Blog Post One –  10/10/17 I have chosen to focus my Digital Entrepreneurship project on the Ego Performance Company. They are a Community Arts Venue based in my hometown Coventry. On their Facebook page, they describe themselves as a Charitable Organisation…

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