Bernice Goff-Collings

The Written Pitch Commission Pitch: Heathrow Special Needs Centre Duration: 18-20 minutes Delivery Date: Tuesday 12th December 2017 Presenter: Bernice Goff-Collings Producer: Bernice Goff-Collings Short Synopsis: Heathrow Special Needs Centre provides activities and facilities for children and adults with special needs….

Phoebe Emerson

Written Pitch EGO Performance Company Audio Documentary Location: Length: 18-20mins Delivery Date: 12th December 2017 Synopsis With the EGO Performance Company currently bidding to raise £100,000 to keep their Arts Venue in the heart of Coventry, Phoebe Emerson explores…


This is the time where I start to seriously make changes to my project. It started a four-episode fashion show and behind the scenes of Topshop, moved on to becoming a two-part documentary on fashion sustainability as I didn’t get…

James Larvin

a) The written pitch REWILDING BRITAIN – WOLVES RADIO 4 SHORT DOCUMENTARY 1X20 DELIVERY DATE: 12TH DECEMBER 2017 PRODUCER: JAMES LARVIN SYNOPSIS: A journey to discover how and why one of Britain’s former top predators might be reintroduced. STORY: Wolf!…

Beth Moss

Your loving Myra: Letters from an imprisoned Suffragette Quiet Down There PiDelivery date: 12th December 2017 Duration:         20”00 Minutes Contributor/s: Lady Diana Dollery Actors:            Rosanna King            …

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