Samantha Friend

Blog Post 1 – 10/10/17 For the Digital Entrepreneurship project I have chosen to focus on RAF Apprenticeship schemes. There are camps situated all around the country and each base focus’ on multiple apprenticeship subjects. There are 50 roles that…

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Phoebe Emerson

Blog Post One –  10/10/17 I have chosen to focus my Digital Entrepreneurship project on the Ego Performance Company. They are a Community Arts Venue based in my hometown Coventry. On their Facebook page, they describe themselves as a Charitable Organisation…

Beth Moss

Blog post 1 I approached a company called Quiet Down There, whom I have done some work for before helping out with events such as The Brighton & Hove Children’s Festival and a few different exhibitions and workshops etc. They…

Ellen King

Blog Post 1 For my Digital Entrepreneurship project, my initial idea was to go to my place of work Dr. Martens. At the moment, the company have multiple campaigns and projects going on that currently have no audio attached to…

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Simon Woolcott

Blog Post One Because this module has been updated with a new brief and a new name – Digital Entrepreneurship – we are required to seek a commission rather than just go ahead and make a piece of audio. This is…

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Abbi Griggs

Blog Post One For my Digital Entrepreneurship audio project, my initial idea is to create a piece of promotional audio in the form of a feature about the importance of dog rehoming centres. I would like to create a piece…

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Natalie Malcolm

Blog Post One: Week 1 & 2: 26th September – 1st October The first week we were introduced to the module and came up with initial ideas. I had three ideas – two in which I didn’t fully expand on….

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This is a Test.   How to Create a Post on Westminster Radio’s WordPress site Go to net/admin Click log in with Google and use your my.westminster email and regular university password. Here you will be able to access the…

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