Yeliz Sonat

In week five I’ve written the introductory paragraph of our play which will be read by the actor who plays Young Man. The introduction included the title of the play, who it’s written by, actors names, which characters they’re playing…

Fay Cross

Week 1 – 2nd February – Production Week 1 This week we were put into groups, given roles and found out the script we would be working with. First of all we went through all the 7 scripts for the benefit…

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Sofia Loporcaro

Production Week 1 The follow-up to this week mainly involved research and script annotation. I needed to think mainly about 2 things: how a good dark comedy audio should sound, and how this particular audio drama needed to be blocked…

Dan Freeman

Week 3 (05/02 – 11/02) Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this week’s session due to other commitments. Week 4 (12/02 – 18/02) After our practice session in the studio with Jeremy and Naiara, as a group we went through…

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