Natalie Malcolm

Week 1 – 26/01/18 This week was the first week of the module, I am looking forward to it alot as in college I produced a 15 minute audio drama as part of anti bullying week called ‘Cyber Maddie’ which…

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Samantha Friend

Week 1 – 26/01/18 This was our first with on this module. I took the module as i have never done anything like it before. I used to do drama in school and i went to a drama and dance…

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Simon Woolcott

Blog post 1: We are now two weeks into Creating Audio Drama and already in our groups. The module is a little more full on than I anticipated, but I’m sure it will be fun as well as hard work….

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Abbi Griggs

WEEK 1 (2nd Feb) Today we read through the scripts for the audio drama, chose what role we wanted to do, and then were put into groups. Whilst reading through the scripts a few stood out to me; however, there…

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Ellen King

Week 1 This week we have been discussing what is meant to be in an audio drama and what it needs to include to make it a good one, including the use of of different types of sounds, silence and…

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Yeliz Sonat

In week two we first went through all the scripts and acted them out in order to get an idea of what they are all about as well as deciding which one we liked the best amongst ourselves. After this,…

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