James Larvin

a) The written pitch REWILDING BRITAIN – WOLVES RADIO 4 SHORT DOCUMENTARY 1X20 DELIVERY DATE: 12TH DECEMBER 2017 PRODUCER: JAMES LARVIN SYNOPSIS: A journey to discover how and why one of Britain’s former top predators might be reintroduced. STORY: Wolf!…

Beth Moss

Your loving Myra: Letters from an imprisoned Suffragette Quiet Down There PiDelivery date: 12th December 2017 Duration:         20”00 Minutes Contributor/s: Lady Diana Dollery Actors:            Rosanna King            …

Ellen King

Link to work can also be found here. Written Pitch YAPs – Young Able Parents DURATION: 18-20’ DELIVERY DATE: 12TH DECEMBER 2017 PRESENTER: ELLEN KING Short Synopsis Societys’ thoughts surrounding teenage mothers are arguable influenced by the media, for example…

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Abbi Griggs

WRITTEN PITCH RATs Rehoming Centre Audio Series RATS – Rehoming Animal Telephone Service Website Delivery date: 12th December 2017 Duration: 20’00 Presenter: Abbi Griggs Producer: Abbi Griggs Short Synopsis In 2016, the number of stray dogs rehomed by local authorities…

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Simon Woolcott

a) Written Pitch: To Steven at Ignite Books Dear Steven, My name is Simon Woolcott and I’m currently studying for a BA in Radio & Digital Production at the University of Westminster. As part of my course I am required…

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Mid way thought the deadline for this blog and I’m pretty much feeling hopeless regarding this production. I feel like my problem solving skills are being put through the test. I’ve already recorded an interview with Josie from AMMA Sri…

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