Clare Overy

Week One | 29th Jan 2018 This week we decided on a pop-up station genre/topic after four pitches following last weeks brainstorm. I was in a group with six others pitching the idea of a women’s issues station. We pitched…

Phoebe Emerson

Week 1 – 29/01/18 For this week as a group, we narrowed down all the potential ideas for our pop up station to our favourite four. These ideas were a Gaming Station, An Alternative Sports Station, A Disco Station and…

Simon Woolcott

Blog post 1: After eliminating some of the idea suggested during last weeks session we narrowed the choice to four radio station themes: Women’s Sport, Women’s Suffrage (expanded to include general civil rights); Disco; Gaming. We split into four teams…

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Ellen King

Week 1 This week we decided on what our pop up station would be based around, with the overall class decision being a gaming station. The stations that we chose between were very varied, with me choosing to pitch for…

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Abbi Griggs

WEEK 1 (29th Jan) This week we went over the most popular choices for the theme of the radio station. They varied from equal rights, to sports, to gaming and from there we were split off into groups to come…

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Iona Hammond

Week 1 – 22.01.2018 This week we have been deciding what topic to cover for this years pop up station. We looked into anniversaries, events coming up and just general niche markets that haven’t been tackled. Some of our ideas…

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Samantha Friend

Week 1 – 22/01/18 This week we began with team building/observing. This was to see how well we could work together and also see who naturally takes what role and how people get involved. (Maybe this would help when it…

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Natalie Malcolm

Week 1: 22nd January 2018 This week we started the module, we looked at an overview of what we will be doing over the next coming weeks. We participated in a group task where the class was split in two…

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Lucy Lavery – Pop up station

Week 1: (29/01/18) This week we expanded on ideas that we had previously pitched in the first week. We split into groups to pitch to the rest of the group. I worked on a pitch for an alternative sports station,…

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