Pinner Wood School Closure

CUE: A primary school in Pinner, North West London has been closed following a “partially collapsed” chalk mine tunnel situated underneath the schools grounds, in the meantime the pupils of Pinner Wood School will be relocated to different schools for…

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video project

CUE: As times change, music evolves. but one genre in particular has started to take the world by storm. <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> DUR: 1″53′ IN: “With a steadily…” OUT: “….I love it a lot”

Is The Church Still Relevant Today?

  Cue: With less than 2% of people in the UK attending Church on a Sunday morning, it begs the question; is the Church still relevant today, and does it share most people’s view in England on the issues in…

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Tolerance on Ticket Touting

Ticket touting is the act of reselling tickets for admission through secondary sources usually at a large inflated price. But is this fair on the fans? Prime Minister Theresa May recently stated that more will be done to ‘clamp down’…

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Keeping the Arts in Schools!-w1598680

Keeping the Arts in Schools- Interview  Cue-It is reported that Arts subjects such as drama and textiles are getting pushed out of schools, Billy Hambidge reports more… link to YouTube Video- Dur- 1’08” Back annon- That was Billy Hambidge interviewing…

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