Armour/ Vox Pop – Southern Rail

Run Southern Rail/ Vox Pops 31/01/2017 Stuart Armour Southern rail has caused so much frustrations amongst commuters with strikes, delays and cancellations with the rail network, Stuart Armour went to Three Bridges train station to ask commuters, if they were…

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Trump and the Mexican wall/Voice Pops   Sukmani Bhullar- 31/01/2017 President Donald Trump has set a motion to build a wall between the U.S and Mexico, and throughout his campaign the Mexican Wall was the main subject. There is speculation…

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Kate Czylok- Vox Pops

In recent weeks all we’ve heard in the news is Donald Trump this, Donald Trump that. So I went out and asked people from the UK and other countries how they think the new US President is going to affect…

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