ms package

(Dr Rosie Jones from MS is an illness that is widespread across the world. However not many people know what it is or how it behaves. Along with this come many misconceptions to what the illness entails. What is…

Online Gambling – Harriet Cope

Blog Post: With the advancement of portable technology, such as smartphones and tablets, the online gambling industry has hit its biggest profit of 3.5 billion a year. Campaigners say this has led to a rise of problem gamblers amongst young…

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Joe Pilbrow – Nomophobia – Radio Package

Cue: Recent studies have found further evidence of our growing attachment and dependence towards technology, specifically the hand held kind. Joe Pilbrow has more. In: ‘BBC Radio 1’… Out: …you googled it, you googled it. Dur: 3’30 Nomophobia, the fear…

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