Samantha Friend

Faux Queens Cue: With RuPaul’s popular reality competition show ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ playing a huge part in bringing Drag Queens further into the mainstream consciousness are boundaries beginning to be broken as more and more females are getting involved in…

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God Save the Queen Cue: Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the mainstream media, my curiosity drives me on a journey to find out how people really feel about the queen Eliazabeth the second, as well as the idea of…

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Iona Hammond

Raised by one Cue: Is single parenting becoming the norm? With a 500% rise over 10 years its becoming a common thing but is society accepting it? Single parents get into this situation in many ways, whether its incompatibility within…

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Ellen King

CUE: The word ‘superfan’ tends to be surrounded with a negative connotation, with most people associating the term with the idea of over-obsessed teenagers. Sean and Cali and two superfans of Lady Gaga and Demi Lovato and Fifth Harmonry respectively….

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Phoebe Emerson

Cue: Tattoos in the workplace has always been a controversial topic, but recently Acas a company helping employees with disputes called upon Employers to not let people’s tattoos stop them from hiring them as they could be missing out on the…

Adam Berks

Digital Storytelling: Feature Cue   Student: Adam Berks                                                                             Student ID:15492643   Language / Berks Feature   16.12.16  Adam Berks   Last year the University of Westminster was announced the most multicultural university in England. Fifteen years ago, a survey taken…

Pilar Romero

Pilar Romero – ‘Spanish Migration’ Cue: Spanish Migration 15/12/2016   IN: ‘ I just pray everyday hoping…’ [CLIP] OUT: ‘…Andorra. Yeah, me too! Woo!’   DURATION: 06:06   Music: Glasgow Love Theme – Craig Armstrong This is the story of…

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Callum Denning

The education system as we know it could face a return to the days of the 1960s, if the government’s proposals for new grammar schools see the light of day. While most of this kind of school disappeared following reforms…

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