Abbi Griggs

Thursday 20th October 2016 Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make the lecture on this day but we were put into our groups and had to make a decision on what genre of music our radio station was going to be….

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Adam Berks

Week 1: 13/10/2016 14:00 – 17:00 We were split into two groups, then everybody in my group took on their individual role. I became ‘Head of Music’ and Andrea ‘Assistant Head of Music’. My group then decided upon a Gospel…

Emma Raga Blog

Blog one:   My name is Emma Raga and I study Digital Communication and Audiovisual Communication at Universidad San Pablo CEU. I have lived my whole life in Spain and now I have had the opportunity to study a semester…

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Pilar Romero Blog

Blog one & two: My name is Pilar Romero Boned. I am an Erasmus student from CEU University in Madrid, Spain. I am currently studying Digital Communication, Public Relations and Advertising. Back in my home university, I have used sound,…

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Simon Woolcott

Thursday 20th October Today was the day we were split into our two groups for the Music Radio programme and shown the choices of music radio genres from which we are to pick. I’m in group B and we have…

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