Tony Basten Talk Radio

Week 1 For our first week, we sat down as a group and had a go over most of what we’ve already learnt. We were then put into pairs to come up with a news story of our own choosing….

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Talk Radio

09/03/17 I am in group c, along with Lucy, Abbi, Clare, Simon, Eliza, Matt and Molly. We have sorted out our roles and have made a Google Drive folder we can all work in. I am the outside broadcast presenter…

Fay Cross – Talk Radio

Thursday 9th February Todays lesson we got put into groups and with my group we started to talk about and decide on roles. For my roll I’ve decided to that I wanted a go on the production side of things…

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Ellie Rankin

Thursday 10th March: Production Day 1: In todays lesson we were able to split into our groups to start work towards our final shows. We started by finalising our roles and discussing possible topics and features. My role is Executive…

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Abbi Griggs

Week 1: 9th February 2017 This week we were put into our groups ready to start planning for our 30 minute show. We briefly discussed who would like to do what but only a few roles were fully decided on,…

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Adam Berks

Week 1: 09/02/2017 The class was split into our final three groups. Then everybody in my group took on their individual role, I became ‘Outside Broadcast Producer’. I also set up a group chat on Facebook to help us organise…

Dan Freeman

Week 3 (06/02 – 12/02) During the timetabled session with David, we were divided into the groups in which we would be making our final programmes. It’s fair to say the distribution of roles was rather easy, as we all wanted…

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Samantha Friend

Week 1: This week was more of a refresher for me as we went over phrases and words related to Radio News and features for Radio news, such as packages and two-ways.   Week 2: We were told to listen…

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Lucy Lavery

Week 1: ( 9th Feb) We were put in our groups this week, group c. One concern i had when we were placed in our group was that nobody really wanted to step up to have a role with lots…

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Simon Woolcott

Blog post #1 The first few weeks of the Talk Radio module have flown by. David Spencer is a great lecturer with years of experience to back up his teaching. We have been encouraged to listen to as much talk…

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