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PRODUCTION WEEK 1   This week was where we began the pre-production process for our radio drama. Prior to this, my group assigned the roles and chose the play (as I was ill). I was originally given the role as…

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Group 4- Baby Blue

  Group: Billy- Director Pulama- Producer Kaylee- Studio Producer (Each of us assisted in post-production) Introduction   From PBK Production house in London England this is Baby Blue written by Magdalene Bird. Just as a warning, this piece contains sensitive…

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Pre- Production As a group we decided what roles would best suit one another, and who had the best experience for them roles. I having had experience with directing previously decided I should be director and also as there was…

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Joe Pilbrow – Audio Drama Blog

Pre Production  In the weeks leading up to the recording, I spent time with the team sourcing the post production sound effects and music that we would need. This involved searching on royalty free websites such as freesound.co.uk and BMGproductionmusic.co.uk….

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