February 5th With an agreed theme and major roles defined we were ready to start consolidating ideas for the show. Gaming was the chosen focus of the station and it was decided we’d have three shows. I’m slightly unsure of…

Tony Basten

This is my weekly blog post about what I’ve done over the course of this module. Week 1: During our first week, we were given a better chance to see what we can expect over the next few weeks. This…

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Fay Cross

Week 1: 22nd January  This was the first week of production, the class was split into two groups where one was given a task and the other half was given someone to analyse. Callum was analysing me and said that…

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Dan Freeman

Week 3 (05/02 – 11/02) Following the group’s unanimous decision to call the station Unlocked the first task was to secure social media handles and domain name. The idea is to brand all online content, Unlocked Online, and all radio…

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Matt Toulson

Week 1 Over the last few weeks, we had been given a brief to create a pop-up station that would be broadcast for three hours every Monday for four weeks. Ideas were developed from subjects we thought would create engaging…

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Mark Hoskin

Week 1 – Introduction  The module started with a briefing on the task that was to face us for the coming ten weeks. We had a short lecture on previous successful pop-up stations including BBC Music Jazz, and Glastonbury FM. …

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