Mid way thought the deadline for this blog and I’m pretty much feeling hopeless regarding this production. I feel like my problem solving skills are being put through the test. I’ve already recorded an interview with Josie from AMMA Sri…

Fay Cross

Blog post 1: I knew my subject I wanted to cover straight away as I was inspired during the summer break. I wanted to cover blood donation and young people, try and encourage them into blood donation. I did a…

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Mark Hoskin

Blog Post 1 This module allows me to demonstrate the skills I have learnt throughout the course so far, and allows me to produce something that interests me.  With this in mind, I set out to look for businesses that…

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Ellie Rankin

Blog Post 1 : 13/10/17 For my audio project I will be making an audio tour, for the company ‘Chichester Tour Guides’ who lead a range of historical tours around the city of chichester. They have agreed to work alongside…

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Lucy Lavery

Post 1 (9th October) My original idea was to create a feature on female football commentators. After some research i decided it would be too restrictive with many working for the FA unable to talk freely about there experiences. I discovered…

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