Clare Overy

Week One | 29th Jan 2018

This week we decided on a pop-up station genre/topic after four pitches following last weeks brainstorm. I was in a group with six others pitching the idea of a women’s issues station. We pitched the idea of having a station that discusses issues such as Period Poverty, #MeToo, and #TimesUp. Considering we had an hour to plan a pitch, I think that we panicked and threw in too many ideas and forgot to focus the pitch on one topic which let us down during the votes for which station we would go ahead with.

We then all reconvened and pitched our station ideas. Afterwards, we all voted, ending in Gaming being our topic for our station and then we decided to dish out the roles. I knew I wanted to somehow be involved in the news side of the station whether that be writer or presenter. In the end, I was given the role of Senior Broadcast Journalist.

Week Two | 5th Feb 2018

Over the past week prior to our meeting, I began creating a news diary with important dates in the months of February and March as well as some in April that could be possible news stories. I struggled with finding online news diaries which didn’t require internal access from a journalism company or news desk. Because of this, the news diary is currently quite sparse but can be updated as we go ahead with events that are announced etc.

This week in lesson, myself and Bernice sat and discussed the current news diary before meeting with the speech show, State of Play, and discussing a newsbeat-style show about topics relating to gaming that link with the topic they are discussing in that weeks show.

We also confirmed that because of us creating a 5/10 min package each week that we would keep the news bulletins at two minutes on the hour.

Regarding the news packages, Bernice and I are using this week to plan potential features and put some feelers out, gather contacts and potential contributors before meeting again next week to solidify our ideas, updating the communications log on the google drive when we do.

Week Three | 12th Feb 2018

Over the past week, I have created the news policy for our station, looking at previous years’ policies for inspiration, defined my ideas about the newsbeat-style packages and begun researching into gaming to gain a better understanding and knowledge of the topic.

I have begun researching more into the YouTube side of gaming as that is the topic for the first week of the speech show which the news team will be creating a package for including looking into agencies that represent YouTubers to begin compiling possible contacts for the packages.

This Monday we need to decide on a name for our news feature, solidify who is doing which package for the news feature (we will most likely take it turns so that it gives each of us a fair amount of time to create said packages) and also practice writing news bulletins on Burli so that we are up to scratch with how to use the software properly and to our advantage.

On Monday we decided that our news segment would be called ‘Update’ to tie in with the gaming theme and the premise of what news is meant to do, update people. I also delegated the four packages between myself and Bernice, with the both of us taking on the pilot package between us.

I will be creating packages for week two and three, on women in gaming and how violence in games can desensitise children in real life. I have begun to create a contacts list to coincide with our packages after researching potential interviewees and contributors so that both Bernice and I have access to their emails if we need to follow up or chase certain people. This coincides with our communications log as well so that we both keep track of who we have contacted and who has replied/confirmed interviews with us.

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