Clare Overy

Production Week One | Friday 2nd Feb – 9th Feb 2018

This week we were put into our groups after deciding roles and given our scripts of choice. I am the production co-ordinator for ‘Drama Darlings’ and we are producing the audio drama ‘Coffinated’.

As production co-ordinator, I went ahead and created a Google Drive with separate folders for scripts, expense receipts, paperwork, recordings and weekly schedules. I also created a schedule overview for the next few weeks of production as well as a schedule for week one with ideas of what people should be doing.

On Wednesday we had a group meeting (minus James) to have a script read through and to discuss what notes Fay and Tino had made and to change anything extra as well. We also discussed casting and came to the conclusion that out of the four people that Jeremy suggested only two could work with our particular script due to the fact that the actors were too old.

Regarding cross-casting I didn’t get the chance to meet with Afia and Adam with Fay but found out that Adam had already emailed the potential cast on Tuesday. We are hoping to meet on Friday to discuss this as like I said before we may not need to cast certain actors.

Production Week Two | Friday 9th Feb – 16th Feb 2018

This Friday (9th) our group sat down with T-Rex productions alongside Jeremy to discuss casting and finalise cross-casting. We sat and listened to each actors audio/showreel as the other group hadn’t done this already and discussed which actors would work well for both of our teams.

I then drafted up an email to the actors that we would be cross-casting and showed it to Sam and Natalie, the producers for both groups, before sitting down with Adam to send them off to the actors that we will both be casting.

After doing this we had a separate team meeting to discuss what we will be doing this coming week, involving a studio run through.

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