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Production Weeks 1/2

In the second class we were put into our groups, we all agreed upon Jazz FM as our station of choice for our music radio show. Once we determined the station we gave each other the job roles. Our final job roles needed adjusting in the fourth week. I was not in on those days but was kept in the loop on everything that was happening regarding music policy and role updates.

Production Week 3

This week we got briefed about ads and did a training day on ads and imaging which was really fun to get behind and helped us learn more on how to construct them for our shows. The next day we had a production meeting and our end goal was to get a large amount of ad scripts done and music loaded into the system.

Me and Ryan went through the music and we started to collect all the audio he had sourced and level it out for the Anthems section of our playlist. I was planning to help him on to the hooks, start and end markers correctly and wanted to discuss PRS however he went home ill. We plan next week to have a rough clock done and PRS halfway sorted. I also had a one to one with Tom to have a catchup with where the group is at and he seemed happy with what we were doing on the day.

In the next week I ideally want to have a rough clock and voice overs for sweepers sorted.


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