Danlin Wang

Production Week One

Last week, we had two group meetings took place in Monday and Friday. On Monday, we finalised our station name and came up with some advertising categories. Also, specific works are assigned to different roles. On Friday, we discussed about advertising in detail. First, 24 – 38 male predominantly youngish adult is our target audience/client. Also, we decided on which particular brand/product that we want to promote, such as Bose speaker. Followed up by dividing 15 ads into 2 sections for two ads members.


Production Week Two

This week, I spent more time on writing the scripts for ads. I watched some adverting campaigns on Youtube, such as Red Bull, Bose Sound Speaker. Also, I listened to various video ads from either Angell Sound or Ad finer. Moreover, I searched the information of each product and company that we would like to promote to write more reliable and creative scripts. So far, I worked out 6 of 7  ads, there is only one remaining completed  . Here is the scripts for now, there might be changes in the future after group meeting.

(Screenshots are shown below)

Additionally, I will add the requirements about gender/age/tone/ for ads on doc. Then, our group and me could find suitable VOs for our ads and we could enter the production part of our ads next week.

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