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Thursday 10th March:

Production Day 1:

In todays lesson we were able to split into our groups to start work towards our final shows. We started by finalising our roles and discussing possible topics and features. My role is Executive Producer, so I have started put things in place to help the organisation and communication of the group, for example I have created a shared google drive and Facebook chat so that we can easily see what everyone is working on and discuss ideas / set up group meetings.

Alongside working in our groups, we were also working with max, who was showing us how to use the tieline and we had the chance to test out a mini OB from the forum, which was actually a really helpful refresher. This took quite a long time to set up so our group time ended up being quite limited, therefore I think we will need to arrange some more time asap to further discuss some ideas for the show.


Friday 11th March:

I have spent a lot of time researching potential topics for the show this morning and elaborating on the ideas we came up with yesterday / thinking about the ways they could be treated . At the moment we are looking at making a package on detox drinks and their potential health risks, I have also been looking in more detail at the lifetime ISA, Stress Week, Digital Detoxes, E-Cigarettes and Refugees. At the moment my main concern is trying to include political issues in our show (as this is a requirement in our target audience description) without them being too dry. However I have been using the news app on my phone a lot and saving any stories that may have potential, I have also asked the group to keep a look out and this is something that we will definitely discuss in our next meeting.


Thursday 16th March:

Today we met as a group and discussed the 8 final topics that we would pitch to Matthew for our talk radio show, as well as the possible ways we could treat them. The pitch went pretty well and Matthew really helped us to expand our ideas and come up with more interesting ways to treat them. Following our meeting with Matthew we were able to set ourselves tasks and assign each story to smaller working groups or individuals, I have transferred this information into a small table which I have uploaded onto the google drive so that everyone is clear about what it is they need to be getting on with in time for the pilots. I am going to be working on a stress awareness package with sam.


Friday 17th March:

I have started looking at articles and doing some research into the stress package I am going to e making with sam. The main route we are looking at at the moment, is Ruby Wax’s Frazzled Café, which is a programme she is running alongside M&S as a way of providing a space for stressed individuals to talk about whats worrying them etc. in a non judgemental environment. At the moment it has not been announced when the event will start, but we are hoping if it is time for our final show, we will be able to attend one of the events and speak to attendees and organisers. we were also aiming to talk to a mindfulness coach or charity spokesperson.

Monday 20th March:

Since my last entry I have bee researching further into the M&S Frazzled Cafe, however there is still yet to be any dates announced and contributors are proving to be very hard to contact, as the only founder being mentioned so far is Ruby Wax herself. Therefore I decided to look on meet up for alternative stress related events that Sam and I could attend, I was able to come across a ‘stress release workshop’ run once a week in Primrose Hill. After contacting the organiser, Beatrice, we have planned to meet with her before next weeks session for an interview and following this we will also attend the workshop, where we hope to interview some of the other attendees, although beatrice has already raised issues of confidentiality in her emails.

I also spent some time today making a plan for tomorrows meeting, just highlighting the main points that need to be discussed, I have uploaded this onto the shared google drive.

Tuesday 21st March:

We met as a whole group today to talk about what everyone has been up to so far, and put some plans into place as to what needs to be done in order for us to be prepared for the pilot show on the 30th. At this point Sam and I are the only ones to have arranged to meet with contributor, although other members of the group have started researching contacts to be used in the live interview and in the OB. Today was really useful in making sure that all members of the group had a specific task to be getting on with and making sure that they were totally clear as to what needed to be done and by when. We were able to brainstorm as a group and raise any issues that we had. I have created a document and uploaded it to the google drive, that clearly lists what each member of the group needs to have done by our next meeting on Thursday as we are cautious that the pilot is not long away and the more we have done by our lesson on Thursday the more advice we will be able to get from David.

Thursday 23rd March:

In todays lesson we did another OB practise, in which we sent mark and James to Westminster Bridge to report on the attacks. The rest of us were back at uni putting together a 15 minute show also reporting on the Westminster attacks. The whole thing was a bit of a disaster but actually this was useful as now I know what needs to be worked on, the main issue turned out to be timing which is something i hadn’t even started to stress about yet. We also came to the realisation as group that we need to make sure that everyone is totally aware of what is going on and where they need to be with suitable time before we go on air, this sounds like something that would just be common sense but on the day it didn’t work out so well.

Following the pretty disastrous 15 minute show we were all feeling a bit disheartened but we were also very keen to make sure that it didn’t happen again, so we had another group meeting where we were able to put together a clear plan for the next week and actually this meeting was pretty productive. However I think that I need to start taking more control as editor, at the moment i am finding it hard to tell people what to do and even harder to pester them when they haven’t done it especially those who I am slightly intimidated by. However during the 15 show today it felt pretty shitty not really knowing what was going on or like i was in control of the situation,so for next week i am going to start being more authoritative and making sure that stuff is actually getting done because at this point it is only certain members of the group who are putting in the work.


Friday 22nd March:

Today I have taken the information form yesterdays meeting and formed it into a clear plan for the next week, including everything that needs to be done and by whom, i have uploaded it to the google drive and encouraged everyone to look at it. Next week we will begin 30 minute run throughs so I am hoping that everyone will have done what has been asked of them in the document (including myself) so that we are in the best possible place to practice and are able to make the most of David’s advice.



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