Blog Post 1 : 13/10/17

For my audio project I will be making an audio tour, for the company ‘Chichester Tour Guides’ who lead a range of historical tours around the city of chichester. They have agreed to work alongside me and I have exchanged a few emails with one of the guides, Jan. However I have planned to speak on the phone with her this Monday so I  will have a clearer idea of what it is they are looking for then.

As the audio piece needs to be 20 minutes long I am thinking about making two separate tours at around 10 minutes each. Jan has also mentioned that the company were looking to make a promotional package so there is potential to include something to do with this as well.

Following my phone call with jan I think I will have a clearer idea of the sort of research I need to be doing in terms of the script / content of the tour. But in the meantime I am going to listen to some other audio tours and similar content to give me some ideas about the treatment of the audio.


Blog Post 2 : 24/10/17

This week I spoke to jan on the phone about the logistics of the audio project, and we brainstormed some ideas for topic etc. My initial thinking was that the tour would include the basic roman history of chichester city centre, however we were both a bit concerned that this could be quite dry. After a little further research I became more aware of the Literary and artistic history of the city, and Chichester Tour Guides do in fact run a walk following this topic.

I am meeting with Jan this Monday, were we are going to do the tour together and she is going to talk me through the history at each point which I will record. The tour takes around and hour and a half so It will be useful to work out which are the most interesting points and cut the walk down to fit the 20 minute time frame. I will then have more chance over the next couple of weeks to record the tour in good quality with jan, and I will be able to re walk the tour and script the directions, which I will cast another person to voice.

I aim to use a range of different actuality, SFX and music to bring to life what Jan is saying and make the audio more immersive.


Blog Post 3: 06/11/17

Last Monday I met with Jan and we spent 2 to 3 hours walking around chichester city centre. We stopped at around 20 different points of artistic interest, and Jan gave me a brief explanation of what she knew about them, which I recorded on the Marantz.

Since then I have listened through to all the audio and picked out the most interesting points, as I think that 20 different stopping points would be too many for a 20 minute audio tour. Once I had decided on this I did some further research into each piece of art and began work on a script.

I am now at a point where my piece is  fully scripted and I have had the information about the pieces of art voiced. I have also scripted the directions that will be included in the tour, and I am getting those voiced on Tuesday.  I have taken a range of photos of each the of pieces of art that I could possibly incorporate as a visual element, and  if I were to do this I would use them in a similar way to how the DeTour tour of Clerkenwell used visuals.

This week my aim is to start work on a rough edit of the piece, I plan to firstly chop it all together dry to get an idea of how long it will be and how it flows. But for my final cut I will be adding SFX, music and actuality to dramatise the piece otherwise it could potentially be very dry.


Blog Post 4: 21/11/17

This week I began editing the audio that I collected  the week before, and voiced the directions.

My aim for the next week is to work on editing the audio into a rough cut, by placing it all in order and including actuality and sound effects to bring it to life. I am going to re listen to the Clerkenwell tour that we did at the beginning of term for inspiration, as I would like to create something with a simular finish to this. I am also going to challenge myself to get a couple of short interviews that can be dropped into my piece and add another layer, as at the moment it isn’t very textured.

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