Week 1

This week we were split into our groups and assigned roles within that group, so that we were able to start work towards our audio drama. I am in the group ‘Unpredictable Productions’ and my role is Production Coordinator / Script Editor, as we only have four members in our group we have merged the two roles together . We as a group then had to choose between eight scripts (that we had previously read through as a class)to turn into an audio drama, and we decided to upon the script entitled ‘Three Quick Phone-calls and a Headless Rabbit”.

This week my main focus has been trying to organise the rest of my group , and get us all together for a meeting to discuss the direction of the piece, as well as any script changes and ideas about sound effects etc. This has proved to be quite difficult as third year is proving to be a busy time for us all, however we have decided upon Monday 12th February as a time to meet and discuss the above. As this is slightly later than I would have initially liked, I uploaded a document to the google drive (which i will insert below *) highlighting the key areas to discuss, as well as a few short tasks for us all to have completed before we meet, so that when we do meet we will be able to have a really productive chat and start to be in a place in which we can discuss casting etc.

*Audio drama meeting schedule

Week 2

This week has been much more productive than last week, and we have been able to really kick start our pre production process. We all met on Monday 12th February and discussed the topics mentioned in last weeks blog, and in the above document. One of our aims for this week was to arrange a meeting with the other group recording on March 9th in order to discuss cross casting – which we did. At the moment there is only one role that we need to cast the same actress for, which is the role of Janet / Mrs Collins. However as this is one of the main roles for our drama, Jeremy has told us to hold off contacting or finalising anyone as he would like to try and find some one suitable, instead we should create a list of names that could potentially be back ups.

Another point that we picked up upon in our group meeting, was that we really need to have a clear idea of the studio set up, and the order / process involved in recording on the day. During this weeks lesson, we were able to spend 30 minutes at the mic going over a few scenes and checking how certain positioning of the actors sounded. However we came to a very clear decision that this is not enough time, so the plan is to speak to Niara about organising some extra studio time in the coming weeks.

During a meeting with Jeremy today, we were able to establish that as we are not making any major changes to the script, we do not need to contact the writer with any concerns. The only possible way that this might change , is if we decide to set our drama in a different area of the UK. At the moment our drama is set in Birmingham, however the group recording alongside us, and hence using the same actors as us, is based in East London, so were are concerned about them being able to effectively do both accents. This may mean that we change the location to make it logistically more feasible.

This evening I have drafted up an email to send to our actors that have currently stated that they are available and interested, this email will include an attached script, as well as key information about the day. i.e. when to arrive, the address, expenses etc. I have sent this draft to Sofia, who is handling the casting in the group also recording March 9th. So once she has made her tweaks and we are both happy, I will send the email off on behalf of both the groups.

Finally, I have spent some time going over the admin for the piece, I have filled in the front page, created a contacts sheet, adjusted the production checklist and uploaded all of these documents to the Google Drive so that they are easily referable of the whole group.

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