Week 1:

This week we finalised our roles and responsibilities, and got into small working groups to brainstorm ideas in our designated areas. My role is Producer of the Music show , ‘Press Play’.  This meant that I spent time with Callum, who is presenting the show, discussing feature ideas and developing a rough clock. We decided that we wanted to create quite a commercial sounding show, with short snappy links that left most of the talking to the music. Within the show there will be two features:

Grand Theft Audio:

This is an interactive feature, in which we post a poll on our twitter page with the option to choose between 2 tracks selected from the Grand Theft Auto soundtrack. The track with the most votes will play out the show. This feature will be introduced early on in the show, and referred back to during following links, so that we can make the most of the time we are on air to gain as much interaction as possible on the twitter poll. We will then use our final link to announce the winning track, say our goodbyes and then play the winning track to end the show.

Rage Quit:

This is another interactive feature, in which we ask the audience to send in their funny ‘rage quit’ stories , this can either be in the form of a tweet or a video / audio message, which we will then read / play out during the show.

Rough Clock:

Below I have inserted a rough clock that we made up to represent the general structure of the show, as you can see the purple sections, which represent music are definitely the more weighing portions of the show – this is a conscious decision that we made, as we are a music show and as mentioned above, we wanted to create quite a commercial feel. Especially as the two shows either side of us rely wholly  or partially on speech, so our show will act as a nice break between these shows.

The orange sections of our clocks are links – the majority of our links will be no more than 1 minute, however as you can see there are also a couple longer links included, which will be where our features sit.

We have decided as a group to have 4 advertisement breaks per hour, ours come at quarter past, half past and quarter to the hour as well as going into the news..


Week 2:

This week Callum and I spent time on some work we are doing with the online team. James and Dan approached us last week about doing an online chart feature once a week, in which Callum counts down his 10 favourite tracks from a specific game / game series. This will change week on week so we will end up with four episodes each focusing on a different game. We have decided to focus on Fifa, Guitar Hero, Singstar and Saints Row – we chose these games as we thought that it gave us quite a wide range of genres to work with, and each chart would have quite a different sound. We have decided upon and rated 10 songs for each game – and have organised with James and Dan to recored them in front of a green screen on Tuesday 20th February.

I have also published a short paragraph about the show to the google drive, to be used within the remit / as a description paragraph on the website.

Lucy also approached us about including another feature into our show, we have not yet got a name for it or finalised the details, but it will see Callum touching upon the top three games in the gaming chart at the moment – and playing either the hooks of a lead track from each of the games, or the full track of the game rated number one, however we are concerned that this may be too similar to our Grand Theft Audio feature in which the winning track plays out the show – so are going to spend time brainstorming other possible ways to include the games chart within our show.

It was also decided this week that we would have 3 advertisement breaks per hour instead of 4, which meant that we would no longer have ads going into the news. This change along with the added feature meant that we needed to re-jig our clocks a little bit  – I have inserted the revised clock below.

Something to note about the clock, for sections where there are large portions of music together (i.e. after the 1.45pm advertisements) – Callum will throw forward / introduce tracks , we have decided to leave these sections out of the clock as they will be very short. However they are very necessary as our show will cover a range of genres, and when switching between the genres some songs will need to be sold in.

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