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Thursday 9th February

Todays lesson we got put into groups and with my group we started to talk about and decide on roles. For my roll I’ve decided to that I wanted a go on the production side of things as I’ve presented in other assessments, so for this assessment I’ve taken the role as producer.


Thursday 23rd February

As a group we got told what our target audience is, and the station that we are roughly basing our show around. Our target audience ranges from 30-55, slight male bias; we are a national and international rolling news station; the programming contains news and sport 24 hours a day; also with magazine programmes and some phone ins and there is extensive live sport coverage. So for listening ideas I’m going to be listening to BBC Radio 5Live for ideas of show layouts, presenter style, the flow of each items into each other. As a producer I really want to get the flow and feel of the show the best it can be so by listening to 5Live, I feel it’s going to really help me.


Thursday 2nd March

I’ve come up with some ideas for packages that we could make in advance and still be relevant by the time we get assessed. I’ll be putting them to the group next week to see what they think. The ideas I’ve come up with are:

  • Comic Relief – where does your money go – charities
  • National pet month
  • Stress awareness month – tell their story,
  • 17th April – men’s cancer awareness week 2017
  • London marathon 23rd April
  • Saint Georges Day 23rd April
  • National stop snoring week 24th 2017
  • Europa League
  • Rugby union
  • Cycling – tour de Yorkshire
  • National Gardening week 10-16th April – why get gardening? It’s all about getting new gardeners to start gardening, urban gardening,
  • Shakespeare’s birthday 26th April
  • Easter – eggs – significant eggs – package on how people like their eggs – chocolate workshop, why chocolate?
  • Urban gardening – urban farmers market https://www.timeout.com/london/shopping/peckham-farmers-market


Thursday 9th March – Production Day 1

So we had a quick lesson on how to use the TieLine and then had a practice. I’m happy with the communication from the studio to the OB producer and presenter, it actually went pretty smoothly for our first go. After this we got into our groups again and this is where is pitched my ideas for package and OB’s. Some of my ideas were too far in advance of the show to talk about, however, a few have made it through and I came up with some more on the day. I also sat down with Dan and we put a number on the amount of packages we want in the bag, we would like 5, and then play 2 out on the day.

As for the OB we are thinking now of going for the topic of National Gardening Week, but then relating it to National Stress Month possibly. However to try and aim it at our audience I need to find the right connection.

These are the packages we are going with so far and other ideas:

‘Final’ ideas for the show

  • OB – National Gardening week 10th – 16th April – Why get into gardening? Get new Gardeners – hobbies that aren’t seen as ‘cool’ – hobbies that distress people
  • National Stress Month – PACKAGE story style, kind of like This American Life feel?
  • Losing the meaning of Easter – (have this in the bag) – chocolate workshop as back up – Why Chocolate at Easter?
  • Segregation of football fans in pubs – PACKAGE – quarter final of champions league day of our show and the first leg of the quarter finals of the Europa league – DOM

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