My Idea: 

My idea is to create a 12-15 minute soundscape about dreams and the meaning of them, I will be taking inspiration from the dreams that people have told me to create the soundscape, and have small snippets of a psychologist talking in order to show the meaning of the dreams. The first dream will start with someone flying, and then falling dramatically in order to create tension and anxiety. The next dream showcased will be an anxiety-based dream. I will then end with a calming dream in order to create a resolution and come to the natural end of the story.


I was inspired by this idea as I am constantly interested in my own dreams and what they mean. I also thought that it would create a good piece of sound art, and hearing from an expert about the meaning of what these common dreams are may be helpful to someone listening. I am planning on focusing on stress based dreams, partly as I feel that this gives me a real opportunity to explore with different pieces of sound effects and audio to create a strong emotion, but also because this could be a topical approach as people are becoming more stressed due to the current pandemic which therefore effects their sleep schedule and the type of dreams that people experience.

Other Listenings I Have Done: 

The first piece of listening that I listened to  was called ‘The Soothing Presence of Strangers’ from Between The Ears. This piece is a lot longer than the one that I am going to create, but it still gave me ideas about how I can use reoccurring sound effects to create an emotion. For example, the use of stereotypical angel music is used throughout this piece when talking about the person in the piece who helps out the narrator, and phrases such as “needed someone to talk to” are used. This can also help build a picture of the character without describing them specifically, and bringing them back into the story without having to mention them as the audience already knows that this piece of audio is used to signify them.

The second piece of listening that I listened to was called ‘Anthems: Raymond Antrobus’ from Broccoli Content. This piece was probably around the same time to my own audio project when I come to create it, so it gave me a real idea of how I can use the script to make the narrative in a 15 minute time scale, and how I can use sound to aid this. One thing that I picked up from listening is using sounds that aren’t as obvious as stereotypical ones to create tension for the listener. For example, during a fighting scene, little trills on the piano are used to represent punching. This creates more of a response for the listener instead of just having stereotypical punching sound effects as it is not what people are used to and can therefore intrigue people more. As I will be composing my own music on the piano for my audio project, and I will be using the piano to create some sound effects, this has given me a real idea into the type of sounds that I can make with the piano in order to provoke an emotional response.

What I Have Done So Far: 

I have researched into common dreams online, and written down a few quotes that could be beneficial for my script. I have also contacted some psychologists and am still waiting for a response from them.

I have also sent out a message to some of my friends, asking them for their most significant dream to see if I could use some of them when creating my script, as this could be more powerful than just creating up random dreams on my own from the top of my head.

The Next Steps: 

In order to make progress on my project, I will start to create my script at the end of this week after I have received a response from people about their most significant dream. Aasiya also mentioned that I could take a look at online forums for inspiration too. After I have created a brief outline of my script, I can then start drafting on the piano what sort of music I will create for some of the scenes, and potential sound effects that I can use the piano to create too. (I won’t be using the piano for the whole piece though!)

I will also contact some more psychologists in hopes that I will receive a response. As I can use what people have told me about their dreams in order to generate questions for the psychologist so that my audio project can tell a proper story.

Additionally, I will also listen to more audio to develop my ideas for my final project.

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