Blog 1: Research Job Market and Audio Project. 


The Job market


 During my time in education, I have been learning how to expand my skills and exploring different sectors of the media industry, as I have always been passionate about media. I discovered my passion for creating branding and advertising/marketing in the media industry. 


As my skills have been developing in producing material for audio I have been exploring the field of podcasting, I have been identifying gaps in the market, pending my connections and planning content to create, with guidance from my career mentor Mark Burman. 

In September 2020, I joined the Westminster working culture group, to seek advice on how to expand my portfolio, how to be confident with applying for jobs and planning my career journey with the support of the Westminster working culture team. In the Westminster working culture group. I met various speakers who gave advice on how to prepare yourself for the working world. I met Jamaine Obeng, an audio software engineer who advised me in order to stand out from the rest of the candidates, I must build at least over 100 creative materials, outside of workspaces. Including that I should take my time to ameliorate my production skills. However, now is the perfect time to invest in my career. I have now taken this advice into consideration. 


Audio project commissioner- 


My objective for ‘My Intersection; A Nuerominority Experience’ was to be educational and explore some issues and the experience nuerominorities face. I did some research into how often nuerominorites are discussed in the media and how is intersectionality known to others. I struggled to find content to support my idea. I was initially inspired by the work of Hanna Walker Brown, who is a composer/ producer for audio storytelling /documentary making on Broccoli content. However, the idea of reaching out to Broccoli content was too ambitious. I considered going back to the ‘drawing broad’ and tried to explore media platforms who;’s worker specializes in the BAME community.  Looking into the BAME market, I discovered the BAMEed network. An organization that specialises in teaching students about the experiences in the BAME communities. However, I discovered that this organization had media content discussing intersectionality in these communities, which was fitting for my idea. From then, I started contacting BAMEed Network from where they stated their availability. Twitter, LinkedIn and email. 


I believe there needs to be more material based on intersectionality in the media, as it is an important topic that is unseen. This experience has leveraged my skills. 




                                                    Blog 2: Learning from experience 


I accumulated my skills and experience from my years in education. From branding, organizing and media productions modules. Visual branding has taught me to utilize my creativity and play with themes, colours and understanding the target audience. Studying advertising has taught me how to use effective techniques to capture the audience’s attention. Using sound colours and catchphrases. Whilst creating media projects I analyze ideas that have not been done before in the media as demonstrated with “ My intersection A Nuerominority Experience”. Whilst producing projects, I constantly produce production schedules and plans which helped me get products done. I always have a set idea for Pre-production and post-production. This is something that I will most definitely apply to the working environment. I have also been given the opportunity to work alongside others in teams. This has allowed me to take on broad other’s ideas and add my ideas in order to formulate our group project. My presentational skills have allowed me to have a set structure when presenting and learning how to communicate with others and sell an idea to people. Presentational skills also can cross over to branding and marketing, due to the fact that I am selling an idea to an audience. The importance of being able to be innovative has guided me throughout my working experience and learning experience. It has given me the opportunity to show off my skills to not only myself but others, it shows people what I am capable of. However, my experience at university is teaching me areas I should improve on and how I can elevate my skills. It is teaching me that there is still more to grow.


Most importantly these practical work that I have participated in has taught me to have fun with the ideas I create. 



                                          Blog 3  Learning experience and what’s next?


What’s next?


Career planning is a stepping stone and there is an abundant amount of sources to connect with via social media, However, I need to consider who I need to follow, who is the right crowd for me. Most importantly I need to learn how to manage my time as I have a significant amount of task I need to cram in, such as developing my brand, perfecting my craft, seeking jobs, practicing my etiquette, 


                             5 step Career Plan.


Step 1 -Building my portfolio and CV :  


During my final year of education, I have been looking at ways on how I could improve my CV and portfolio. I have gathered work that I have thoroughly enjoyed such as visual making, advertising, and branding. 


However, for the next few weeks, I will be producing professional-quality audio projects such as an audio drama entitled ‘ Sugar Glass’   written by professional scriptwriter Hatty Hodgson. I am currently the head of branding for my module, pop-up station. I have assigned myself to create a total of 10 jingles for our group station Y2K Reloaded. 

On this platform, recruiters analyze the work of creatives. Once I have perfected  60 projects, I will upload some of my content to Behance.  As I was advised to create at least 100 projects to improve my skills. I challenge myself to create 80 projects before the end of the year. Over the past couple of months, I have been analysing work from the creative hub Behance. 

To build my portfolio I will include, radio advertisements, jingles, visual Indents, and podcast production. As I have produced material similar and built a portfolio in the past this will not be problematic for me. 


I will have a website up and running for my portfolio, which will also be displaying my portfolio of me selling my brand. The colour theme I have chosen for my portfolio is a flamboyant colors, which pays homage to the work I have done in the past, I will also reflect this design on to my CV. Since my niche is branding it is important to keep an appearance with both my CV and portfolio. 


Step 2  Updating my social media:


Social media building is highly important within media. To build my brand I have to consider my social media present ability, who I will follow etc. It is also an extension of my portfolio. To build my profile I have to start expanding my research, start planning what to upload and update my following. Once my portfolio is created, this would give me a better chance to improve my social media, as it will be held at a professional level. 


My plan is to follow companies that have always captured my interest in the content they create- NPR, music station No signal radio (@ Theresnosignal radio) and BBC sound via Instagram  (@ BBC sounds). 


Building my brand via social media is key. My plan is to upload at least 5 creative content every month. 



 Step 3 – Work experience / being recruited 


I am currently looking through applications with my career mentor Mark Burman. Who will be helping me to structure my CV, skills practising  and filling out applications.  However, since the pandemic has happened my plans have been cut back. Having a career mentor has made me slightly more optimistic about job hunting. However, it is still working in progress. 

By this step, I will be prepared with interviews, a professional CV. Applications have currently looked at are, However, my mentor as encouraged me to look at 10 more applications before this month I have currently discovered at least 3 applications and 2  job-seeking hubs to look for jobs. My objective is to encourage myself to get started right away. 


 The majority of these Jobs are on rotation throughout the year.  


Currently, at an entry-level due to my experience at university and I have been seeking entry-level jobs this past month. 


i.) Remote Media Internship programme- i


  1. )  

  Creative digital market project- Gary Media – Internship, ia-internship-work-from-home


iii.) Creative access has Jobs on rotation and here is a job I am currently looking at now- 


iv.) Recently uploaded to  Westminster engage page


v.) Behance also has jobs targeted at all entry levels.


Step 4  – Networking:


During the working culture event, I was advised to find people from my tribe.  what does that mean? Finding people who have the same career interest as you, or finding someone on a higher level than you. Finding someone on a high entry-level will navigate me through the industry and meeting new people. I need to find a total of 20 people within my industry. One of the foundations for networking. I need to encourage myself to go to a few more networking events. Especially those hosted online such as 

I am also gathering former student’s contact details, as this is a great opportunity to start since they have a similar career interest to me. 


Linkdin is a great social networking site. As of this current month, I  will start finding 20 people to start connecting with. 


Step 5 – confidence:


Building confidence for me is easier said than done. However, I do believe that practice makes perfect, and applying for a radio course was the starting point for gaining confidence I have seen some improvements in confidence. However, I still have a long way to go since I am heading into the workspace I am currently practicing my etiquette. This will be done by sourcing interview questions, attending virtual events, presentational skills and most importantly having faith in myself. These tasks I have perfect whilst I was at university. However, I believe I can perform these task much better to a professional standard,


 My career journey is a work in progress. Hopefully, these set goals would be achieved within a year.


                                             Learning Experience:(Reflection):


Since my past three years of education, I have learned to accumulate my skills and apply them to my work in the future and use them at a professional level. I also have learned how-to experiment with software to perfect my skills and I have learned that planning consistently is key to start a career path, however, I have learned to make sure that my goals are achievable. 


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