Pre- production Week 1 

In the first week we started out by welcoming everyone and introducing ourselves and learning about the basics of Audio drama and analysing the different sound effects. We listened to the first episode of a new fiction podcast, the Cipher, which was 35 minutes audio. Later, during the session we discussed the importance of sounds and evaluating different sounds in different genres such as horror, thriller and suspense. I was learning how to tell stories through different sounds. As a part of initial audio production practice I recorded a 60 seconds audio story on my phone and shared it with the class. I realised the importance of creativity and adding sound effects in audio fiction as my classmates added little sounds in their audio pieces to match with the story for eg:- adding the sound of running water. Due to online learning we didn’t have access to a studio but it encouraged us to be creative and produce sounds using items available in our surroundings. 

For production assignment initially Jeremy asked me to pick top three production roles. I picked – 1.Production coordinator 2.Director 3. Producer. I was assigned the role of producer for  ‘Sleeping In’ script by Stella Kammel. I was happy about the role and quite excited to work with the team.

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