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For my Audio piece I have decided to produce an audio walk for the charity Dogs Trust, I looked into the charity and whether they had produced any media or audio and they hadn’t. I thought about doing a promotion/awareness audio piece but I wanted it to be heart-warming and happy. So I thought of the idea of doing an audio walk to accompany the potential dog adopters on their way around the centre to make there adopting process a more colourful and enjoyable experience.

The audio piece will include 2-3 episodes, the first will be an introduction and what to expect from the upcoming episodes. I will be present in the audio as a guide and to give the piece direction. The on going episodes will include background and stories on the dogs as you walk around the centre for example.

I will get actors or voice over artists to voice the dogs and they will tell their stories, Interests or something that they have achieved. E.g

“Hi, I’m rex and I’m an ex-police dog, I love playing fetch and playing with my friends. I’ve been here for 6 months now and I meet loads of new friends. But what I would love most of all is to make a new best friend. A best friend that I would wake up with and go to bed with. A best friend that I could play with and go on adventures with. Wouldn’t that be great?”

I would like the episodes to bring an insight into the dog’s life and give them a bit more information in a lighthearted and warm way. I want to have a mixture of emotion from the dog stories bringing humour and happiness but then also make the listener realise what the dogs have been through, but learning this through an easy listening platform.

Next, I will reach out to the charity and get the idea of the layout of the centre so I can decide how I am going to structure the path of getting around the centre to make sure it flows and will accompany the path you will take.

I will then decide how I will approach the introduction and who will voice and what I will include in it.

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