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Post 1 – Brainstorming (22/02/2018)

This week we were briefed on the pop-up station module and began to brainstorm ideas for the station. We reviewed pervious projects such as Zest, Radio Lola and Radio Polly to gain a better understanding of what we would have to achieve. Some members of the group already had thought through some possible station ideas so we decided to sit down as a group and any idea suggested would be put on the board. We decided at this stage it was best to write all the ideas down and then review them at the end of the session.

While we were sat as a group suggesting possible station ideas we were able to bounce ideas of each other and this allowed us to develop them further. Also, during this session were researching key dates and events taking place during the dates we will be broadcasting. Ideas include a Harry Potter Station, different music genres, equality, sports, gaming and talk stations.

We had around fifteen ideas on the board by the end of the session and it was decided that we would all pick one to research into further during the week. I decided to back the idea for a pop-up gaming station as I thought it was an achievable idea which had many digital possibilities. Although I’m not a gamer myself, form a radio point of view I thought this idea was the best. Talking with alumni of the course they mentioned that this idea had come up for a number of years.

Post 2 – Station Idea / Role Allocations (29/02/2018)

During our teaching day for pop-up station this week we needed to decided on a station idea and also allocate the group roles. We started off the session by reviewing the list of ideas form the week previous and naturally four ideas came forward at the strongest. These ideas were sports, equality, disco and gaming. I was pleased that gaming had support as it was the idea I was championing and had been researching the previous week. We divided into four groups decided by the ideas we were backing. Each group had an hour to create a pitch to convince the rest of the group that our idea would be the one to go with.

Gaming, the idea I was backing had four members in the group although other teams had six members. We knew at this point our gaming group would have to have a very convincing pitch and developed idea. We decided to make a power point with suggested logo’s and brand names alongside the key points such as the target audience, OB ideas, shows, sales and digital. I was responsible for the digital strategy and also making sure the idea was inclusive of people who were not games such as myself. To do this I picked up on everyone else’s ideas such as sport, equality and music so they felt comfortable with the idea.

When it came to pitching our gaming, group went first and the presentation went well. We were the only group with a power point and I really think this helped people to understand and visualise the idea. The disco pitch had good enthusiasm and the had a good knowledge but it was not as developed when it came to OB’s and programme ideas. The sports pitch had good passion but was quite vague and contradicted itself by saying people who wont like sports will like this sports station. The equality pitch was quite hectic and was not focused on equality, it was focused on women’s rights. I feel it would have been better if it accepted what it was and not sell it as something it wasn’t.

We then all two votes and in each round the station with the less votes was eliminated. Gaming in the first round just scraped through and sports was eliminated. In the second-round gaming made it into the final round and the equality idea was eliminated. Disco in the second round did very well against gaming so I thought disco would win the final round. In the final round everyone had a vote and before the vote everyone had the opportunity to ask any questions. In the final vote gaming some people abstained from the vote but gaming won by one vote to my delight.

We then moved onto allocating the roles for the station. To do this we followed the station flow chart I had created and used in the pitch. For each role everyone interested had time to tell the team why they should have the role. Then those wanting the role would leave the room and it would be debated as to who should get the role. I put myself forward as programme controller and digital executive. Just before the programme controller was selected it was decided that with my passion for digital production I would be the digital excitative. Over the next week I will work on digital ideas.

Post 3 – Production Week 1 (05/02/2018)

This week was the first production week and with the first pilot not far away I wanted to get started quickly. I will be working mainly with a fellow digital executive but will also be liaising the branding team and the web team over the next few weeks. My main priority this week was to meet with Daniel my fellow digital executive to have a chat about our ideas, priority’s and concerns. We both work well together and have both have strengths in different areas of digital production which means we have a very strong digital team.

Ideas this week included exclusive online contentment, visualising shows, livestreaming on twitch, social media, video ideas and presenter photos. It’s useful that there is two in the team as it allows us to bounce ideas off each other and see ideas from other angles. After our initial meeting we approached different departments to see how they can produce digital content. We first met with news and they mentioned they would be doing an original feature story every week. It was agreed that this would provided an opportunity to create online content in the shape of a promo video for the feature.

We then met with the talk show, music show and rewind show to discuss the digital possibilities. I suggested to music show that each we an online only music video show is produced. The team thought it was a great idea and I will be working on this with them next week. I will also be working with the OB presenter as they could produce video content surrounding there OB’s that can be used on social media. Other video ideas were clipping up parts of the talk radio show when a guest is in the studio and also livestreaming on twitch at the end of the shows. I will work on these ideas through the week and so will the teams involved then we will feedback ideas on Monday.

We also began to write the social media policy and the social media guidelines which are due in for next week. This week has been beneficial in terms of ideas and has put the digital team in a good position to work on the practicalities to put these ideas into action. Over the week I will be working on the logistic of the ideas we have had and what needs to be done to produce them. This includes booking studios, kit, writing scripts, creating social media accounts and creating graphics.

Post 4 – Production Week 2 (12/02/2018)

This week my main focus was to take the ideas from the previous week and work to make them happen. Booking kit out for the live online content was a key priority as it is a big booking and the kit store need good notice of the booking. I am taking the lead on the video content as I have the most experience of it from the team.

I decided on the location for the live stream which will be the room RP2 but known on air as ‘the arcade’. I have chosen to use this room as it has a patch bay into a studio, it has good acoustics, a black curtain that covers the walls and a lighting grid. The kit booking includes cameras, lighting, streaming PC’s and microphones.

I have also been working on booking out the green screen studios for the online only video shoots. I have booked out the green screen studio for next Tuesday after completing a comprehensive risk assessment. In the next week I will create the call sheet and shoot plan so the appropriate members of the team members know when to arrive on location. I am also working on the scripts for the shows alongside the producers. We only have two hours shoot time and lots to film so a tight schedule is essential.

Over the next week I will be developing the social media plans and other ideas for digital content. I have the idea to produce a multiple choice personalise YouTube video where the user will choose their preference to be matched to a games character. I also need to ensure the logo, themes and typeface are decided and implemented on social media as all the accounts are now live.

Post 5 – Production Week 3 (19/02/2018)


Post 6 – Pilot 1 (26/02/2018)


Post 7 – Live Show 1 (05/03/2018)


Post 8 – Live Show 2 (12/03/2018)


Post 9 – Live Show 3 (19/03/2018)


Post 10 – Live Show 4 (26/03/2018)


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